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How To Check How Many People Visit Your Recruitment Site Via A Mobile Phone

| September 22, 2010 | Comments (0)

I was talking to a Recruiter last week and the subject of mobile recruiting came up.  What was interesting was that although they used their SMART phone a lot as part of their job for making phone calls and visiting web sites they couldn’t understand why some of the web sites they visited and didn’t come out very well on their phone?  “Surely that company will  be losing money because I can’t go online and buy what I wanted from them” they said.

And then the penny dropped …

“But what  about my own web site? Can people view it on a  mobile phone and search and apply for jobs and how much money I am losing by potental clients and job seekers not being able to view my web site correctly?”

Luckily there is free a way to find out how many people visit your web site using a mobile phone!

How To Check The Number of  Mobile Phone Visitors To Your Web Site

If you have Google Analytics on your site then login and go to the left hand menu where you will see “Mobile” listed in the menu.

If you click on “Mobile” you can then choose “Mobile Devices”. Here is a screenshot of what it should look like:

how to check mobile phone visitors to your web site

If you then click on Mobile Devices” you should then see a list of mobile devices that people are using to visit your site (it will also list the number of visitors as well):

So if you ever wondered how many people are visiting your web site you can now find out. The numbers might well surprise you!

If you have any questions about mobile recruiment then please feel free to contact us.