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The Video CV – What Do Recruiters Think?

| March 10, 2011 | Comments (2)

I’ve just spent two days in Johannesburg at an Online Recruitment Conference CJiX where I spoke about Video Technology in Recruitment.

I covered three main areas:

  • Video CV’s
  • Video Interviews
  • Video Marketing

The general feedback from the Recruiters in the audience was that they were unsure about the Video CV but that they could see clear benefits to their companies from using Video Interviews (as part of the recruitment process) and Video Marketing (for promoting their jobs and their company).

As a Recruiter what is your experience of Video CVs?

  • Have you ever watched any Video CVs?
  • What were your impressions?
  • Have you ever hired anyone as a result of initially receiving a link to a Video CV?
  • Do you think that a Video CV can make a difference for job seekers?

It would be great to hear your experiences. Please leave your feedback below.


Mike Taylor